We have collected a variety of testimonials for our ENT practice. Some of them are below:

Sinus Procedure Testimonials

Dr. Allegra

Dear Arlene,
My daughter, -- , went through the Nasal Plasty/Sinus surgery with Dr. Allegra last Friday. I wanted to spotlight a couple of things I really liked about the service.
1. Dr. Allegra did a great job in explaining the procedure and putting my daughter at ease.
2. Your facility is very nice, warm, and welcoming which took the hospital-like intimidation factor out.
3. The front desk staff provides excellent customer service.
4. The nursing staff is great. I want to single out Tara Branford (sorry if I spelled it wrong) for her excellent customer service skill/attitude. She explained everything very well and was very patient with all the questions we had. Plus she followed up on Saturday as she promised.
Thank you,

Dr. Shah

I have had a septoplasty with Dr. Shah in February, 2010. The entire experience has been excellent. Everyone in the office from the front desk staff to medical assistants and the doctor himself was personal, on time, courteous and supportive. The procedure was seamless, anesthesiologist did a great job explaining the mix of drugs used and was really funny, which helped me relax. Dr. Shah came to see me before procedure to address any concerns I had. The nursing staff was amazing as well. Afterwards, Dr. Shah personally came after hours from the clinic in Bellevue on a Saturday afternoon to make sure I have enough pain killers to get me thru the weekend. The follow up appointment was swift and recovery minimal. I had the procedure on Friday and was on work by Monday. I would highly recommend Dr. Shah and his team. And do not be deterred by his youthful looks, he has obtained great education and is an expert at what he does; and the most importantly he truly cares about his patients.

Dr. Ummat

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to share the positive experiences I have had with my doctor and the professional staff at Northwest Face in Seattle.

For at least ten years I was not able to breathe very well. This chronic problem grew worse to the point I was unable to sleep during the night for more than an hour or two without waking, as I found myself gasping for breath.

I fortunately found Dr Sunil Ummat at Northwest Face who listened as I explained my symptoms. He ordered a CT scan so he could assess my problems more clearly. At my next visit, Dr Ummat pointed out on the CT scan the horrendous blockages in my sinuses that showed why I was unable to breathe. The scan also indicated that infection was probably present.

Dr Ummat performed the surgery on my sinuses and has been treating the infection. I am happy to say I can once again breathe well! The surgical staff was very competent and made me feel comfortable prior to and after the surgery.

I have also found the technical and front office staff to be consistently efficient and courteous.
I highly recommend Northwest Face and especially Dr Ummat!


Dr. Allegra

Thank you Diana, I have appreciated working with you on my account.
I know the account is terribly past dueÖwhen I had the procedure, I didnít know how much it would be, but was so necessary. The sinus procedure made it so I donít have migraine headaches anymore( I used to have one every day) and can breathe easier.

Dr. Ummat

Dear Dr. U,
I know people donít get excited about surgery but I am. The sinus surgery that you performed has improved the quality of my life. Because of your great work the days of chronic sinusitis are gone. Itís so nice to be able to breathe deeply and not have to constantly blow my nose. Iíve only had one cold this winter; it didnít slow me down a bit because my sinuses are like new. You and your staff are exceptional medical professionals and genuinely invested in improving a patientís health. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude!

Thyroidectomy Testimonials

Dr. Allegra

Well, it's been 2 years, but I have a daily reminder of the thanks that I have for Dr. Allegra's work. 2 years ago, I received a diagnosis on a thyroid nodule that it was indicative of papillary carcinoma. It was a scary time for me. I was referred to Dr. Allegra for a thyroidectomy. From the first moment that I met Dr. Allegra, I felt peace. He was confident, but not overly so, and was compassionate and kind. I had my one year old with me on the first visit and he was very patient with her presence as well.

The day of the surgery went exactly as he'd said it would. The surgery was complete and I headed home. He'd told me that I may not need more than ibuprofen, and it was true. here was very minimal pain - a little discomfort. What most amazed me, though, was the almost absence of a scar. Within 6 months, you could see only the slightest scar. Now, almost 2 years out, people have to be told that there is a scar to see it - and, even then, it requires squinting.

Dr. Allegra is the total package when it comes to doctors. He's caring, he's confident, and he's very skilled. I'm so thankful that he is the doctor that I was referred to during that time in my life - I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience in the midst of such a difficult situation.

Thank you!