Allergy Testing and Treatment

We offer our patients a more extensive and comprehensive approach to their healthcare with allergy testing and treatment directly available through our clinic.

Allergy testing includes

  • pollens, trees, grass and weeds
  • common molds
  • dust mites
  • various epidermals
  • dog and cat
  • feather (chicken, duck, goose)
  • cockroach
  • Allergens are a common cause of seasonal and perennial rhinitis (runny nose). The use of allergy medications such as antihistamines only temporarily treat symptoms, not the causes, of allergies. Allergies often result in missed work, school and leisure time, commonly disrupting one's quality of life.

    We offer a solution.

    Allergy testing yields results that are reviewed with the patient. Our treatment plans are then customized to an individual's allergies based on their test results.

    Allergy Treatment options include

  • avoidance
  • allergy medications
  • shots, done in the office on a weekly basis
  • sublingual (drops under the tongue), done daily at home
  • Allergy shots and drops, also known as immunotherapy, provides a long-term solution to the direct causes of allergies, gradually desensitizing the patient to allergy-causing agents providing relief from nasal allergies.